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Amresh Gauda - Cuttack

Limitations are only in mind and Amresh proves that, despite having lifelong disability of legs. He has proven again and again that if you believe you can achieve. He is a multi-faceted personality and regularly runs marathon. We are honored to have him supporting Indian Running Day

Indian Running Day Inspiration Amresh Gauda
Indian Running Day Inspiration Amarjeet Singh Chawla

Amarjeet Singh Chawla - Mumbai

An Epitome of Inspiration. He is the light for all the runners. Those who says IMPOSSIBLE, he is for them I AM POSSIBLE. We are proud to have him supporting & running in INDIAN RUNNING DAY

Geeta Rao - Ahmedabad

Determination is her name, her polio has not come in the way of her sporting ambitions. She is Super Randonneur& ran many marathons. She is a committed lady and an inspiration to many. We are proud of her getting associated with Indian Running Day.

Indian Running Day Inspiration Geeta Rao
Indian Running Day Inspiration Pradeep Kumbhar

Pradeep Kumbhar - Mumbai

While preparing for IRONMAN event, an unfortunate accident led to his leg amputed. But that didn't deter his belief & he has come back with resilience to achieve IRONMAN title. We are proud of him.