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Indian Running Day Mentor Amar Chauhan

Amar Chauhan- Chandigarh

He is a Father Figure for all of us, we respect him a lot. He is a superb runner & broke many records & is a regular podium finisher. His blessings are our motivation to work hard. Proud to have him supporting INDIAN RUNNING DAY

Dr Bhagwati Oza- Vadodara

She has worked her whole life selflessly as doctor treating patients. She received NATIONAL AWARD from President Pranab Mukherjee in adventure and sports category, award equivalent to Padma awards. At age 84 She runs & cycle daily and is our inspiration forever. We are privileged to have her Mentoring us for INDIAN RUNNING DAY

Indian Running Day Mentor Dr Bhagwati Oza
Indian Running Day Mentor Eugene Quadros

Eugene Quadros- Mumbai

Super Athlete and in this age also he is fast and furious. He is unstoppable. Soft Spoken and always for running. Last year he has ran 4000+ KMs in a calendar year & this year he will be aiming for 4400+ KMs & already 2300+ KMs done. So he is bang on target to achieve his vision

K Haridasan Nair - Mumbai

A dedicated coach and exceptional athlete. RuntasticDilse is supporting Indian Running Day & he is an exceptional human being going out of the way to support runners & running community. We are proud of him being part of Indian Running Day.

Indian Running Day Mentor K Haridasan Nair
Indian Running Day Mentor Prakash Wani

Prakash Wani - Mumbai

He is a Super Cop and a epitome of fitness and commitment. He has been promoting running and healthy lifestyle to all and is well know in running circles. We are proud to have him to support this event.

Thomas Bobby Philip

Bobby Sir
He is our GUIDE and MENTOR. His Running is exemplary, a true champion of barefoot running. He continues to inspire us for newer achievement. His presence & support to IRD from 1st edition is inspiring to all of us. We are truly honored to have him as a MENTOR for INDIAN RUNNING DAY.

Indian Running Day Mentor Thomas Bobby Philip
Indian Running Day Mentor Ulrike Vernachio

Ulrike Vernachio- USA

Long distance runner with over 20 years of running and training experience. Participated in many marathons including Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Stockholm, and TMM Mumbai. Several Half marathons Master Champion, 10K and 5K Master or winning champion. Physical Education and Running Coach professional! We are honored to have her Mentoring us for INDIAN RUNNING DAY