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Face of the Event


He is a HERO for every INDIAN, who fought with terrorists in the most deadly attack on Indian Soil. The attack left him with a punctured lung but his RESOLUTION takes him to complete the toughest physical challenge of IRONMAN. His contribution to the country in this COVID19 times is exemplary. He auctioned his hard-earned medals & contributed to PM CARES Funds.

Indian Running Day Face of the event MARCOS PRAVEEN TEOTIA runner
Indian Running Day Face of the event Sufiya Sufi runner


She broke many myths when she created GUINNESS Book of World Record for Fastest Women to Run from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Gives HOPE to million of girls to do what they love & reach out to pinnacle of achievement. She is working through her HOPE initiative bringing Humanity, Oneness, Peace and Equality to all humans. She is an amazing human being who loves to create society of equality. We are with her on this mission.